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Happy Lantern Festival [ 2022-02-17 ]
Fat bike Tire Studs [ 2022-01-06 ]
Fat Bike Tire Studs, JX100 is the most suitable type
Zhuzhou Jinxin studs Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of tungsten carbide tire studs, which are mainly used for anti-skid of car tires, hiking boots, ski poles, etc. in cold and humid areas.
Zhuzhou Jinxin
The studs are directly driven into the sole to increase the anti-slip ability and safety performance of the shoes.
Zhuzhou Jinxin’s tire studs are made of high-quality carbon steel +  tungsten carbide pin. They are suitable for all car tires, small passenger car tires, and off-road vehicle tires. They can drive in high-cold and high-latitude snowy areas. Anti-skid and anti-sag, look at the installation of studs.
What are Tire Studs? [ 2021-11-25 ]
Tungsten Carbide Tire studs is made of tungsten carbide pin + steel or aluminum studs body. It mainly used in car tires, hiking boots, ski poles, etc. in cold and humid areas.
The body of the tire studs can be made of steels, light alloys based on aluminum or other materials. In recent years, aluminum are often used for the body, as they are lighter than steel, and the less the stud mass, the less road wear
What is stud welding? [ 2021-11-12 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin Studs is a manufacture of Integrates development and manufacturing in-house,Specializes in manufacturing all types of Tire Studs and related products,like installati
Zhuzhou Jinxin have different kinds of hand installation tool
Studs for shoes [ 2021-10-27 ]
This model of studs for shoes we called JX6.5-5.7-1, also the diameter and length can adjust as customer's request.
winter is nearly after serval month, more and more person begin to purchase tire studs, due to studded snow tires are often presented as the ultimate winter driving accessory. It’s
car tire studs
New Product is coming-Trekking Poles Studs
Summer wil be going, then Autumn and Winter will be coming. more and more person purchase the tire studs for stock, for sell. We have sold the carbide tire studs for many years, about 11 years, just do it, for one thing. Do you know about the tire spikes? Today I want to show you one of our hot selling model. 1910. bigger one. If you want to learn more information about Jinxin studs, just contact me. thanks sales09@jxcarbide.com
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