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Business Etiquette Training

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The staff of Jinxin Cemented Carbide Company participated in the practical training of workplace business etiquette. The content of this training is divided into the following points:

1. What is the definition of etiquette and etiquette?

1. Ceremony: from the heart, independent respect for people

2. Instrument: the specific form of expressing respect to others just right

Second, business etiquette

1. In business occasions, people express respect, greetings, and courtesy, and the appearance and instrumentation of business people. A general term for manners and various ritual activities related to business work.

Third, business etiquette password

1.Greeting etiquette

2. Calling etiquette

3. Handshake etiquette

4. Calling etiquette

5. Business card etiquette

6. Introducing etiquette

7. Guide etiquette

Summary: In this training, the harvest is that, in any occasion, etiquette not only represents the individual but also represents the company. As the saying goes, "If a people is rude, he will not be rude, but he will not become rude " if people are not rude, they will not be able to survive. If they are rude, they will not succeed. If the country is not polite,it will be uneasy. In fact, no matter where it is, the etiquette focuses on the details, and the details determine everything. Therefore, Jinxin employees will show you a good image and do their best.

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