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tire studs,Anti-skid spike

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Anti-skid nail is directly embedded in the tread surface of the tire accessories to increase the tire anti-skid ability and safety performance at the same time so that tires become more beautiful, anti-skid nail style and function can also choose for their own, currently in the Nordic, North America, Russia and other regions The use of a particularly wide range, mainly for the winter time is longer, the accumulation of snow and ice thick areas, such as cross-country, such as the game in the need for a variety of uneven, poor road conditions driving high risk driving mode is also the need for anti- protection.

Different types of anti-skid nails can be used for different tires, any carrier tires can be designed specifically for their anti-skid nails, and even for hiking boots designed anti-skid nails, but for shoes anti-slip measures have a lot of choice anti- With the absolute competitive advantage, so the use of anti-skid nails mainly include cars, motorcycles, bicycles and so on.

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