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Carbide Pin Manufacturer [ 2021-05-21 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin is an enterprise specializing in Tungsten carbide studs. The main products are tire studs, carbide pin and installation tools.
The studs are directly driven into the sole to increase the anti-slip ability and safety performance of the shoes.
Carbide Car Tire studs [ 2021-05-13 ]
  Tungsten carbide tire studs can effectively reduce the possibility of ground skid, reduce the occurrence of accidents, then how is the carbide tire studs prepared, let us together into Zhuzhou Jinxin Company, to understand the preparation process of tungsten carbide tire studs.
the car tire with hard alloy anti-skid nail is the anti-skid nail first embedded in the steel sleeve or other material in the nail sleeve
The holes used to insert cemented carbide tire studs in car tires are easily punched out and can be easily removed without professional installation tools
CCTV Interview Shooting [ 2021-03-11 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin Life Show [ 2021-03-06 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin Life Show
Price will be higher and higher-You must to know
Normal Studs with large stock
We are one of the manufactures specialize in Tire Studs, Carbide Pin and Installation Tools. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.
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