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CCTV Interview Shooting [ 2021-03-11 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin Life Show [ 2021-03-06 ]
Zhuzhou Jinxin Life Show
Price will be higher and higher-You must to know
Normal Studs with large stock
We are one of the manufactures specialize in Tire Studs, Carbide Pin and Installation Tools. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.
Celebrate Birthday Together
carbide studs which install on the tyre, then can anti-skid, so when driving, you can reste assured.
How to install studs in tire?
Zhuzhou Jinxin is a manufacture which specializes in Tire studs development and production for 12 years
Carbide Pin [ 2020-03-12 ]
Carbide pin also called carbide tips, carbide core. it made of tungsten carbide, the high wear resistance and hardness material.
China's main cemented carbide production base is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.Cemented carbide is widely used in modern tool materials, wear-resistant materials, high temperature and wear-resistant corrosion materials.The reason why the application of cemented carbide is so wide is inseparable from its characteristics.   Basic characteristics of cemented carbide: 1) high hardness, high wear resistance 2) High elastic modulus 3) High compressive strength 4) good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation) 5) Low impact toughness 6) low expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and iron and its alloy similar   Advantages of carbide tools (compared with alloy steel) : 1. Improve tool life by doubling, tens of times or even hundreds of times. The service life of metal cutting tool can be increased by 5-80 times, the service life of measuring tool by 20-150 times, and the service life of die by 50-10o times. 2, fold, dozens of times to improve the metal cutting speed and mining drilling speed. 3, improve the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the processed parts. 4, high speed steel is difficult to process heat resistant alloy, effective alloy, extra-hard cast iron and other materials, can be processed with carbide tools. 5, can make some corrosion-resistant or high-temperature wear-resistant parts, thus improving the accuracy and life of some machinery and instruments.
winter is nearly after serval month, more and more person begin to purchase tire studs, due to studded snow tires are often presented as the ultimate winter driving accessory. It’s
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