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How to choose the right Tire Studs?

Writer:GisselleSource:原创 Date:2019年7月26日 14:16
For customers who are not understand with the studs and need purchase, always need us to suggest which one is the right or suitable for them. then How to choose the right tire studs? Please take a look at the picture below:
Studs can only be used for winter snow tires, not for normal tires, so don't worry about punctures and air leaks. Winter snow tires are divided into holes with and without holes. It is not seen from the figure that the thread studs are used for tires without holes and need to be rotated by electric installation tools or manual installation tools. Zhuzhou Jinxin Flat studs are used for perforated tires and are pressed in by an electric pneumatic mounting gun.
Now let's understand how to choose the right Tire Studs. The important basis is the hole depth. The tire model is not important. The important thing is the hole depth. If the tire hole depth is 9mm, then 10mm is recommended, because the nail core needs to leak about 1mm. The effect picture is like a picture.
I wonder if this article is helpful to you? For more information, please contact me directly. mailto:sales09@jxcarbide.com Thank you
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